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My journey as a healthcare practitioner began with personal training. I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer with 20 years of experience. I began my career at Equinox Gym in 2001 where I earned multiple advanced certifications. I wrote a dissertation on pre and post rehabilitation for winter sport athletes as part of the requirements for the Tier 4 (Tier X) Coach training program. 
I was promoted to the highest level of training at Equinox in 2004. I was one of 6 trainers out of over 600 company wide who were selected to become a Tier 4 (Tier X) Coach at E Club, an elite training facility. I left Equinox in 2005 and privately instructed clientele in Manhattan up until 2019.

Please note: I am no longer training clients nor do I provide exercise programs for nutrition patients.
Prior Training Experience
  • Post rehabilitation for injuries

  • Cancer Exercise Specialist (CETI)

  • Pre and post natal fitness

  • Pre and post rehabilitation for joint replacement surgery 

  • Autoimmune Disease 

  • Proprioceptive training

  • Neuromuscular disorder training

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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